omgg just got back from Angelica.

En her sister is toooooo cute!!

really i'm in love with kimberley!! 


Angelica´s mom is pregnant, and het water broke.

i´m really exitated for them.

can´t wait to know the name off the baby.

Cause Angelica won´t tell me...



backpack on my back, walking down a riverroad track.

oohi've been wanting to see you.

eyes up on the rose and trees, an endless sea in front of my


Friends or Besties

i know i can talk Angelica about everything.

And i know she will never tell anyone about it.

but i can't.

its like we are best friend who can't talk eachother.

is that normal.

i hope it is.

cause i don't want to lose her like Stefanie.

specially her..



what if my perfect match is deaf.

how would i communicate with him.

so i'm learning signs.

but everytime i start watching things with signs.

i get a headache.

 its alsow kinda fun to say things about people without them understanding it.

so yaay just have to go and watch more movie or something like that... 

j or b

Does your name starts with a j.

like jake, jack, jeroen, jan, jaap enz,

Or would it start with a b.

like brett, bram, bas, bolly, bart enz,



It feels like i'm in a web of lies.

everywere i go i have to lie to save myself from a other lie.

and the people i lie to extually trust my.

what do i gife in return.

lies right in their faces.


Larissa was over at my place.

she was talking about levie and how they have a "fight"

and than she started talking about Stefanie.

How she said something bad in her bb name.

and she asked my why.

and i tolled her why, but sad that Anna told.

But extually i told her.

Help me... 

Remember me?

Do you remember the first time we actually saw each other?

Do you think about it as mutch as i do?

Do i love you? like you? hate you?


Beauty or Smartnes

if i had to choose between beauty and smartnes.

I would choose beauty.

cause than i have a change that you notice my.


My Life

Sometimes you have the feeling like you need to tell someone something,.

But you don't know why.

Thats what i have.

So i started my own page!